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Roof Repairs

Roof repair Webster NY

Concerned that you might need roof repair in Webster NY? Or elsewhere in the Greater Rochester area? Then, you’re not alone. Roofs in our region take a beating. From long winters and leaf fall to wind and ice roofing in Rochester NY can mean big costs. However, in some cases you can choose repairs over a re-roof. So, read on to learn about common roof repairs and how to avoid them.

Lets start with common causes of roof damage.

What Causes Roof Damage

Your roof takes the brunt of our Western NY weather. So, it is no surprise that weather – especially wind and wet – is the source of most roof damage. For example, storms frequently cause roof damage. Storms can feature high winds, driving rain, and falling trees and limbs. As a result, roof components can be damaged and leaks appear. Moreover, storm damage can be made worse by shoddy installations and repairs. Similarly, older roofs are more prone to storm damage.

5 Common Roof Problems

Five areas of your roof are most prone to damage, namely:

  • fascia
  • flashing
  • gutters
  • shingles
  • soffit

While other roof components may require repairs, these five areas account for most repairs.


Running just under the edge of your roof, fascia protects the edge of your roof. In particular, it blocks water and moisture from harming your roof or entering your home. Not surprisingly, fascia commonly suffers from moisture. Therefore, inspect your fascia regularly, and replace any pieces showing signs of water damage.


Flashing seals vulnerable areas of your roofing system. For example, valleys and your chimney’s perimeter. In this way, flashing seals parts of your roof that can be entry points for water. Clearly, this is an important part of keeping your roof leak-free. Flashing most often suffers from weather and oxidization. However, it is also possible for flashing to simply come loose. So, if you notice leaks near vulnerable parts of your roof, think about inspecting the flashing.


Gutters move water away from your home’s foundation. They are essential to the health and longevity of your roof. However, regular maintenance is key to keeping them in working order. In particular, gutters are prone to debris buildup. When leaves and other debris are left to buildup, your gutters can become clogged. At that point, water and ice can buildup too. This is a recipe for leaks, mold, and mildew under your roof.

The good news is, most gutter issues can be fixed by DIY. Firstly, regular maintenance is key! Clean your gutters at least once or twice a year. In Western NY, late spring and late fall are good times to clear them out. On one hand, once the leaves are back on the trees and the March winds die down, you can clean up winter’s mess. On the other hand, when the autumn leaf-drop ends you can remove all that debris before winter sets in. In this way, you can avoid debris buildup, ice dams and other potential problems.

Next, take the time to have a good look at your gutters. Notice sagging? This can mean a problem with the hangers. Hangers are the hardware that fix gutters to the fascia. They can fall apart over time or be spaced too widely to support the weight of your gutters. So, replace any hangers in poor condition. Lastly, if you see leaks or holes, seal them up. To do so, caulk the joint or fill small holes with gutter sealant. Or use a patch for larger holes.


Many Rochester roofs use shingles. These offer great protection. However, homeowners should be aware of a few tell-tale signs of damage. Firstly, discoloration. This can be a sign of a leak. Secondly, curling. Caused by poor ventilation, high nails or improperly installed fasteners, curling provides an opportunity for water damage. Lastly, missing shingles. High winds and heavy storms can remove or break shingles. Areas with missing or broken shingles are ripe for water damage and leaks. Again, regular maintenance and inspection of your roof can spot problems early. Any worn or damaged shingles should be replaced as soon as possible.


Soffit is the material beneath the overhang of the your roof. Its job is to help to ventilate your attic. In this way, soffit keeps your attic dry and helps to regulate its temperature. Typically made of vinyl, soffit should be inspected regularly for holes, cracks, and wear and tear. Then fix or replace any damaged sections.

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